Papstar 10015 Latex Zwart 100stuk(s) beschermende handschoenen

Papstar 10015, Zwart, m, Latex, 100 stuk(s), 100 stuk(s), 5,4 g
Artikelnummer: 8239452001001
- The black all-round glove is made of natural latex
- powder free
- Free from thiurams and mercaptide compounds.
- Can be used as examination glove (not sterile single packed)
- suitable for cleaning and care of the elderly
- also suitable for the food sector
- with grip structure for better grip on wet surfaces
- WARNING: Product contains natural latex this can trigger allergies and even anaphylactic reactions!
- Latex protein content under 20µg
- Further area of use: catering service, nail studios, tattoo studios, hairdressing.
- special features: very silky, comfortable to wear, and very stable.
- AQL: 1.5

  • Colour: Zwart
Prijs per stuk
€ 10,99
prijs excl. btw
€ 13,30
incl. 21% btw
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